Welcome to SolarMax LED, now a family member of SolarMax Technology, Inc.


The origins of SolarMax LED date back to 1999 with the formation of ACT One Communications, Inc., one of the early-stage innovators in LED technology and applications.  ACT One Communications, Inc., which specialized in signage and outdoor lighting systems for government and commercial markets, grew to become one of the leading providers in North and Latin America before its acquistion by SolarMax Technology, Inc. in 2013. 

SolarMax subsequently moved the newly acquired company to Riverside with offices in Diamond Bar and re-branded it as SolarMax LED. The strategic acquisition represented an ideal complement to the parent company’s rooftop solar business, adding energy conservation to its diversified renewable portfolio.  Since then, SolarMax LED has grown to become the preferred provider of energy-efficient lighting systems throughout California, securing millions of dollars in new contracts to install energy-efficient street light systems for public facilities and commercial businesses.

With the Federal government’s pledge to reduce energy consumption nationwide by 60% - including the replacement of some 500,000 street light poles - SolarMax LED is strategically positioned to continue its growth across both the public and private sector.

 About SolarMax LED Inc.


At SolarMax LED, we believe in a very fundamental principle: simple is better than complex.   Nowhere is that more important than when it comes to converting energy-wasting, costly lighting systems with today’s state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions. 

The problem, of course, is that there’s a lot of involved beyond simply changing a light bulb.  You need experts that not only understand their business, but more importantly, know yours.  SolarMax LED specialists do.  They work with you to deliver end-to-end lighting solutions and support tailored to your unique operational requirements. 

SolarMax LED provides: 

  •          Free comprehensive energy audits - even for large commercial installations

  •          Over 14 different product lines and more than 100 models

  •      Competitive Product Warranty

  •          1-Year Labor warranty

  •      CalTrans Approved Vendor

  •         Pre-qualified for public utility company applications

 Compelling as our features are, it’s what SolarMax LED lighting design specialists do once they’re on-site that makes our customer service shine brighter.  Our specialists look at every aspect of your current lighting system to identify areas of inefficiency and where you can increase performance providing a great customer service experience.

 Are you re-designing the infrastructure of your current system to achieve more optimal lighting angles perhaps it’s a new form factor for the light itself, or re-wiring your circuits?

Whatever the case, SolarMax LED designers and technical experts will light the way to a future with lower utility bills and energy savings.  



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