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Office Lighting Case Studies

Benjamin & Young LLC

  • Anaheim, CA
  • Lot Size: 32,548 sq. ft.
  • Completion Date: November 2015
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
    Bringing efficient bright
    lights to office spaces.

This CPA firm was looking to update their existing indoor and outdoor lighting in the building and parking lot. The existing office lights mostly consisted of the old T12 fluorescent lamps. The T12 lamps were dim, flickering and discolored throughout the office space. Since these fluorescent lights and their old magnetic ballasts require continual maintenance, they fell into disrepair over time with many broken light sockets.

SolarMax LED replaced all the broken sockets, removed the ballasts and then retrofitted all 500 of the existing light panels with LED T8 lamps. The end result was a pleasant lighting experience for the employees with a 15% increase in room brightness and over 60% lighting energy savings.

Outside in the parking lot, SolarMax LED replaced the existing MH/Halogen building wall mounted floodlights with roof mounted LED flood lights that achieved more than 30% increase in brightness while raking in a whopping 65% lighting energy savings. The CPA firm now has better work environment and they feel much safer in the parking lot.

Enhance Visual Comfort
Unparalleled Uniformity
Long Lifetime
Reliable Quality
Eco Friendly
Low Maintenance

Return on Investment < 2.5 Years


Est. Cost of Lighting  Operation (Power + Service)

Accumulated Projection in 5 years


Products Used In This Project

LED 4ft./2ft. T8 Lamp
LED Wall Pack
LED Floodlight
LED Flood Light

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