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Hospitality Case Studies

The L.A. Grand Hotel

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Lot Size: 171,000 sq. ft.
  • Completion Date: January 2015
  • Indoor Lighting

    Customized LED light with class.

This polished contemporary high-rise hotel is situated in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and is a top local choice for travelers to stay. The hotel features ball rooms for large events, fine dining restaurants, resort amenities, and luxurious guestrooms.

SolarMax LED was brought in to update the lighting in several areas that are key to the guest experience. In the guestrooms, the vanity mirrors were retrofitted with warm-colored LED light strips that provide soft, uniform and bright lights. A total of 515 sets of retrofitted vanity mirror lights were efficiently installed in just under 2 weeks.

In the front lobby, a custom dimmable lighting solution created bright and uniform light across the entire check-in area. The new lights now provide a vivid and welcoming ambiance for guests as they check-in. The hotel’s massive lobby is decorated with a unique art piece consisting of 51 sets of elegant chandeliers. SolarMax LED retrofitted them with new soft-warm LED light strips that enhance the character of this beautiful center piece that sets the tone of the entire hotel.

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