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Solar Powered Lighting Case Studies

JC Horizon

  • City of Ontario, CA
  • Completion Date: December 2017
  • Outdoor Lighting

JC Horizon is the 3rd largest exporter of waste material and is the 16th largest exporter by tonnage capacity in the US. The company exports various types of recycled materials overseas. The massive recycle yard is busy with freight trucks and containers moving in and out of the lot transporting recycled materials. Considering the constant flow of operational activities in the yard, safety is a key issue to the owner. Inadequate lighting hinders safety of the workers, especially during the winter time when daylight ends at much earlier time.

The closest power is hundreds of feet away from the recycle yard and it becomes very costly to run physical power for the required lights at the recycle yard. SolarMax designed a lighting system and integrated Wireless Intelligent Solar Energy Storage System (WiSESS) which include one (1) SMX 300W Solar Panel and four (4) 50W LED Luminaires. WiSESS enables the user to control and monitor the performance of solar panel and LED luminaires through wireless mobile web interface. User is able to monitor solar production and battery charging capacity, and program the time to turn on/off the lights with just a few clicks.

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