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In-House Financing for

Commercial, Industrial and Government Projects

Having the industry’s most technologically advanced products, backed by best-in-class warranties, and full-service system design/installation capabilities mean nothing if customers can’t access them. That’s why SolarMax LED offers its own in-house financing.

$0 Down,
0% Interest

We know that to be a true end-to-end LED solutions provider, we had to help our customers overcome the barrier of cost in order to conserve energy. We don’t just lower that obstacle, we completely remove it – with our $0 down and 0% interest* in-house special financing program.

*Upon credit review and approval

In-house financing offers terms that conventional banks/lenders aren't able - or willing - to do.
Audit and credit approvals can be processed more quickly
Operating savings begin accruing immediately, helping you to improve ROI
No upfront charges and the energy savings help paying the project cost.

Your Unique Needs Are Considered

Common lighting contractors or product providers often rely on the purchase or credit decision from a third party financial institution. SolarMax LED looks at your unique financial situation and provides a credit towards the cost of parts, labor, and energy audit for your entire project.

For qualified projects such as government owned street lights, school districts, general lighting, and other public service entities, SolarMax LED offers $0 down plus special interest financing.

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