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SolarMax is committed to providing the latest renewable energy solutions with a wide range of products. Our goal is to deliver customized lighting systems that maximize your energy efficiency and minimize your energy cost. SolarMax’s energy-efficient LED lighting systems will reduce your energy usage and maintenance cost while delivering optimum brightness to enhance comfort and security. The solar energy, harnessed by SolarMax’s solar system during the daytime can be stored in SolarMax’s Wireless Intelligent Solar Energy Storage System (WiSESS).

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Rebeccah Goldware
Accelator Director, Riverside ExCITE

On behalf of the Riverside ExCITE Board, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to you and the SolarMax LED Lighting team. The recent upgraded to our lights at the Riverside ExCITE incubator has provided significant positive impact to our organization and made the workspace brighter and more welcoming for our clients and visitors. Our electric costs will decrease because we are now using high efficient bulbs that last considerably longer than traditional fluorescents which are better for the environment. This retrofit is a great, and simple, step to making our incubator a sought after space for high tech startups in Riverside County.

The replacement to LED in 12 facilities is anticipated to save the City money in both energy costs and maintenance cost. We anticipate about 720,000 kWh of energy savings. SolarMax was very helpful during the project. As part of bid, they offered to perform photometric evaluations at each site and customized lighting products to fit specific areas. They also worked with City to ensure that we met The fixtures allow for dimming capability and future "smart city" applications.

Reata Kulcsar
Engineering Dept., City of Carson

Brian Bianchetti
Managing Director, People’s Sausage Company

Being in the business of beef jerky manufacturing, our lights have to be on for long periods of time. We wanted to make sure that we have ample lighting for our staff as well as taking energy saving into account. SolarMax LED helped us reach and exceed our goal by providing us with an excellent solution to our existing fluorescent lighting system. The organization is great at follow-ups and providing a budget friendly solution. The entire staff at SolarMax LED was a pleasure to work with. They were flexible and accommodating with our work schedule. We would highly recommend SolarMax LED to anyone who is looking to upgrade their fluorescent lighting.

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How do you create a lighting upgrades plan that incorporates all the complexity of facility conditions, budgeting, energy saving goals, return on investment etc.? Start with SolarMax who has industry expertise and knows how to customize a turnkey solution to fit your needs. Let’s have that conversation.

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