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Roadway Case Studies

California Department of Transportation

In 2014, SolarMax engineered and submitted samples of LED Roadway Luminaire to TRANSLAB that meet CALTRANS’ strict requirements., SolarMax had various models of LED Roadway Luminaire pass the tests and listed under SolarMax LED’s Roadway Luminaire is built with highest quality materials, reliable components, advanced optical performance, high energy efficiency, and outstanding sustainability to meet the requirements of any roadway application. In 2015-2016 CALTRANS Authorized Material List (AML) LED Luminaires for Roadway 1, 2, 3, and 4.

On June 2016, SolarMax was awarded with 29,028 units of 150W all-in-one LED Roadway Luminaires from California Department of General Services (DGS)/California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) for all 12 CALTRANS Districts throughout the State of California. The LED Roadway Luminaires are to be installed on the California Highways, Freeways, on-ramp and off-ramp intersections, and major local street intersections. SolarMax provided product training on product components, installation, and product troubleshooting to representatives from each of the 12 CALTRANS Districts. Random selection from the production units are required to be submitted to TRANSLAB for quality and performance testing. SolarMax’s products passed all tests and was given authorization to ship the product. By October 2017, SolarMax delivered 29,028 units of LED Roadway Luminaires to 12 CALTRANS Districts.

Energy Saving
Low Maintenance
Quick Service
Optimal Illumination
Reliable Quality
Long Lifetime

Return on Investment < 1.2 Years


Est. Cost of Lighting  Operation (Power + Service)

Accumulated Projection in 5 years


Products Used In This Project

LED Roadway Luminaire

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