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About Us

About SolarMax LED

SolarMax LED, Inc. has become the trusted partner for commercial, industrial, and governmental full-service LED lighting design and conversion throughout California. SolarMax offers turnkey services including site audit/measurements, lighting design, product procurement, finance, installation, warranty, and customer services. SolarMax LED is one of ONLY few LED Roadway Luminaire manufactures that is listed on CALTRANS’ Approve Material Listed (AML) LED Luminaire. SolarMax LED Luminaires are designed, engineered and fabricated with high-quality materials, reliable components, advanced optical performance, energy efficiency, and outstanding sustainability that meet and exceed customers’ needs and expectations.

SolarMax LED is the pioneer in wireless smart solar energy storage system with best-in-class Lithium-ion battery, advanced built-in MPPT, BMS, and microcontrollers, and secured Wi-Fi connection with user-friendly mobile web interface for control and monitoring.

o become one of the leading providers in North and Latin America before its acquisition by SolarMax Technology, Inc. in
o become one of the leading providers in North and Latin America before its acquisition by SolarMax Technology, Inc. in

Our Service

  • Comprehensive energy audits
  • Professional lighting design
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Competitive product warranty
  • Incentive Application Assistance
  • In-house financing

Why SolarMax?

  • Technical professional
  • Industry expertise
  • Project management experience
  • Quality product
  • Comparative pricing
  • Responsive Customer Service

The Success of SolarMax LED

is attributed to the fundamental goals that are set to achieve for every client

energy saving

Energy Savings

Reduction of On-Going Maintenance Costs

Reduction of On-Going Maintenance Costs


Improved Lighting Conditions

SolarMax Technology

Founded in 2008, SolarMax Technology is a worldwide leader in solar, LED lighting, energy storage, monitoring and large-scale solar.  The Riverside, California-based company, which has installed thousands of residential and commercial systems across Southern California, remains one of the fastest growing companies in the renewable energy space.  SolarMax employs a workforce of nearly 200 professionals across its offices in Riverside, Diamond Bar and San Diego. It is also the largest U.S.-headquartered solar developer operating in the Peoples Republic of China, with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing and inland provinces.

Our Values

As a green company, SolarMax not only make efforts to minimize energy consumption by converting buildings to solar energy and LED lighting, but also contribute to the community by supporting high schools, universities, hospitals and nonprofit organizations. We take actions to make a healthy and prosperous planet for everyone, which makes us stand out for a strong reputation of giving back and caring about the communities .

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3080 12th St, Riverside, CA 92507

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