SolarMax LED Helps the City of El Monte Become a Smart City with LED Lighting Upgrades

SolarMax LED Helps the City of El Monte Become a Smart City with LED Lighting Upgrades

SolarMax LED has emerged as one of the leading companies entrusted with municipal smart lighting upgrade projects. The most recent example is the installation of a smart lighting system at the Mountain View Park in El Monte.

[El Monte, CA] SolarMax LED is known for offering some of the most innovative and unique smart control solutions in LED lighting. They have recently been entrusted with the task of making El Monte a smart city by offering the best of smart wireless lighting control and monitoring systems.

The city of El Monte, which is located in the San Gabriel Valley in California, has decided to illuminate their local parks by implementing advanced LED lighting upgrades. The city seeks to have a smart city set up by having wireless lighting control at the parks so that the lights can be remotely controlled and monitored for optimum use.

Jackson Yu, Project Management Director for SolarMax LED, was quoted as saying, "We are aware of the changing needs and demands of our customers. This is why our focus is primarily on setting up LED lights which are modelled on the lines of smart city technology. With the development of technology, we are demonstrating to municipalities how to put it to the right use."

With the new modern smart city lighting system, the city will have a central control to monitor the lights in real time. The lights can be programmed either individually or even at a group level based on the needs. There is the provision to have constant monitoring of each luminaire so as to assess the performance status. As soon as a fault is traced; a notification is sent to the concerned technician who is responsible for maintenance. Real time monitoring like this significantly reduces downtime.

The LED lighting upgrade provides significant energy savings as well. Utilizing motion dimming sensors, the park’s overall power consumption is further cut down when the area is unoccupied. Coupled with the real-time lighting performance status this advanced system enables the city to maintain their lights with a minimum of staff, labor, and cost.

So, the smart light upgrade surely is a great step forward in meeting the modernization goals of the city. To learn more about this project by SolarMax LED, one can view the project highlights on YouTube.

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