City of El Monte implemented a smart lighting system for park with help of SolarMax LED

City of El Monte implemented a smart lighting system for park with help of SolarMax LED

The City of El Monte, located in the San Gabriel Valley, California has been looking to brighten up local parks with LED lighting upgrades and has plans to be a smart city with wireless controls and monitoring. Mountain View Park is the first pilot project from the City of El Monte. SolarMax LED designed and implemented a smart wireless lighting control and monitoring system for Mountain View Park. The LED fixtures, with integrated wireless nodes, can be remotely controlled and monitored through a web-based portal on the city technician’s workstation. Furthermore, each LED luminaire, integrated with smart wireless nodes, also has a PIR motion dimming sensor, which automatically dims the light to 50% after 20 minutes of non-occupancy detection.

SolarMax LED provides unique and innovative smart control solutions to outdoor public area lights, such as parks, recreational areas, roadways, and parking lots. The innovative lighting technology enables the city to centrally control and monitor lights in real-time and minimize the personnel to maintain those lights. Lights can be programmed individually or by group (zone) to fulfill illumination needs in different areas. The system constantly scans each luminaire for its performance status. When a fault/failure is detected the system automatically generates an email notification to the maintenance technician. The technician can check and repair the light with minimum light down time. The LED lighting upgrade provides significant energy savings, the PIR motion dimming sensor further cuts down the power consumption when the area is unoccupied, and the smart wireless lighting control system provides real-time lighting performance status and enables the city to maintain the lights with minimum staff, labor, and cost.

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