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LED Lighting & Control

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With a wide range of experiences in lighting and control, SolarMax is the right partner to help you accomplish a successful retrofit. After upgrading to LED, you are able to improve illuminance, realize significant cost savings, enhance equipment productivity and increase property value.

Commercial Lighting

Today’s commercial buildings and lots require lighting solutions that can adapt to diverse set of space needs. For typical commercial lots, HID luminaires are found illuminating the outdoor space. These luminaires consume high energy, require frequent maintenance and yield low security deterrents. As for the commercial interior lighting, fluorescent lamps are the common type of lighting source. They are environmentally hazardous, require frequent repairs and become discolored after long-term use. SolarMax LED’s lighting solutions provide both lasting performance and cost saving energy efficiency. Our team of experts handle every step. We offer free onsite survey, energy analysis, custom design, financial projections, installation, product warranty and customer support.

Homeowners Association

Government Lighting

Cities and county governments across Southern California are declaring themselves to be on the path to renewable energy. Public entities are taking actions to upgrade to LED due to several benefits, including energy savings, high efficiency, product longevity and reduced maintenance. Long-term cost savings make LEDs the preferred choice despite their higher upfront price. The initial investment, after receiving incentives from utility, can be recovered within several years. The overall investment in LED more than pays for itself. SolarMax has been working with municipalities and DOTs on roadway, parks and recreation, education, and airport lighting projects. Our highly engineered fixtures are DLC listed and different series are designed for a variety of applications. They are also upgradable for future “smart city” networks.

Parks & Recreation

Education Facility

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